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my new "toy" help? Answered

So I recently got a graphics tablet used from a place sort of like goodwill, but it isn't a chain, and it did not come with a pen. I am wondering if there is anyway i could possibally make one? The model is a Wacom intuos3 ptz-431W. i have been looking at pens, and cant really afford one right now. Any help?

oh and i know that the pen and tablet work by using magnetic waves, on a grid axis.

I have LOTS of copper wire and wire, in case i need it to use radio frequency.


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10 years ago

Try to find a replacement from Wacom.

Otherwise you can try to wind your own.  I used to have one but it had the mouse like "puck", which had 50 or 100 turns of copper wire in a 3/4" diameter coil centered on crosshairs.