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my nichrome wire won't heat up!!! Answered

I was trying to make a foam cutter so I connected a 4 inch long piece of nichrome wire in series with 4 D batteries and the wire got very hot.  My batteries became worn out and I replaced them with a 9 volt eveready battery but it didn't heat up. I tried shortening the wire up to just a centimeter but still nothing happened. I was wondering if current is even passing through the wire so i wired an electric motor in series with the nichrome wire and the battery, and the motor was spinning. I also tried using two 9 volt batteries in series and in parallel but still nothing happened. I am really confused.. why can't 9 volts and 18 volts heat up the wire while 6 volts(4 d batteries) can??I connected the two 9 volt batteries in parallel too but why didn't it work?


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9 years ago

I use a transformer (magnetic component)