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my .pde file is gone from my instructable Answered

Hi, the linked file in my instructable (the .pde at the bottom) is not linking to the correct file.  It's spitting out some unknown thing.  Could you please fix it?


i am jen

8 years ago

Okay, I see. I downloaded the file (FUWVHG0GK3TO1YM.tmp) and renamed it as you've suggested. It works fine. Now....I just have to let the guy know who emailed me! I think it's a bit confusing. Normally when you download a file, the filename stays intact. The guy who alerted me must have thought the same thing.

Thank you both for the info!



8 years ago

When you say "spitting out some unknown thing", do you mean the random-number.tmp file name?

That is part of the site filing system, to cope with members posting files with the same name.

Try opening the file from the published instructable, and see what it produces.


8 years ago

try renaming the file that gets downloaded to yourfilename.pde to at least change back the file type. I think only graphics type image files have the file type preserved when it gets uploaded to the database. See if that works.