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my usb pen broke im going to connect a usb wire to the pcb. can anyone tell me where each of the 4 wires go onto the pcb Answered

ok so i kept hitting the usb pen that was sticking out of the computer and eventually the metal part broke of the pcb. As my local shops dont do the correct metal bit that has broken of i have thought of cutting the male end of a usb lead and soldering the 4 wires to the pcb of the usb pen. Only thing is im unsure of which of the 4 wires is which so i can solder them onto the pcb




Best Answer 10 years ago

If you have the original metal part, and the new cable and a multimeter, its easy. Cut the other end of the new cable off, strip back the cable, and show the wires. USually, there is a black, red, white and green wire. Buzz out the wires in the new cable to the pins on the plug. Now, with the old metal connector as a reference, terminate the same wires on the cable to the ones on the board.


10 years ago

thanks for the advice ill give that a go