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need a proximity alert for when pets sneak into baby's room Answered

Hey guys. I'm wondering if there's already an instructable for what I need, and a kind soul could point me to it?  I'm looking for some type of proximity alert.  I want to put key-fobs on pet collars (must be tiny and not too bulky for a small cat), and have them trigger an alert when the pet is within five feet or so of the baby's crib (sending a text to a cell phone would be awesome but probably too expensive to set up, so just a sound alarm would be fine and great it the alarm could sound in a different room).

Is there anything like this?  Or something easily adapted?  Or even an item that can simply be bought (I don't want to build it myself, I'm just assuming I'll need to, because I've not found anything searching online)?




4 years ago

You should be able to adapt this project:


Attach an RFID tag to the cat's collar, and an RFID sensor on the door frame, and you'll get a text whenever the cat walks into the room.

This project used a motion sensor to send a text about a mailbox being opened:


(Motion-sensing may be the way to go, since RFID signals can vary with distance and orientation - the way the cat turns its head may spoil the signal.)

Hallowe'en projects are a goldmine for sensor/action projects. This could be used to trigger a light of alarm elsewhere in the house.