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need good battery options... help? Answered

I've got a bit of a confusing circuit going on, and I need to figure out a good battery option. The battery pack must supply 9v@400ma to one connector (2x 2.4ghz video receivers in parallel with each needing 9v@200ma) and 6v@1.6a to the other (2x portable LCD TVs in parallel with each needing 6v@800ma).

If my calculations are correct, I'd need a 9v battery that puts out 1.5a to support the whole kit & kabootle. I'd like a minimum of a 2hr run time, so we're talking 9v, 3000mah)

I need it to be rechargeable, with the ability to run the system while charging from a dc adapter.

Assumedly, I'd also need a DC/DC transformer from 9v to 6v with as little loss as possible.

Can anyone point me in the right direction for batteries, chargers, and transformers? Either (relatively easy) homebuilt options or pre-made options are good.

also, what are the pros and cons to each option (if you know)?

any help would be greatly appreciated


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