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need help connecting an led strip to a car speaker very confused! Answered

hi everyone i'm new to electronics so please bear with me. i have 2 led strips that i want to hook up to my car speaker .
but idk how to hook up the leds to the speaker .i've seen plenty of tutorials about this but i am still confused. my led strips are rated for use only on 12 volts dc and are capable of 10 amps as it says on the sticker on the led strip. idk whether i need to build some sort of transformer or just simply hook up an led with a resistor. problem is i still cant figure out how to calculate the necessary resistor and ow much wat tolarance the resistor needs . my goal is to simply hook up the led to a toggle switch from radioshack and hook up the led so that it can pulse with the music and stay on forever as another option.but i dont want the leds to burn out from too much amperage or overuse with dangerous current to the leds. i also dont know about the transistor tip 31 i keep hearing about... and i keep hearing stuff that i need to hook it up to the car amp where do i find one in my vw passat and do i even really need to hook it directly to an amp i think i can just hook it up to a single speaker. dang some one please just help me sort out a way to hook my stuff up any information you need frome me dont hesitate to ask and im sorry  for any mispellings.


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8 years ago

For pulsing music one need to create a circuit using TIP31 transistor.
Now when one hook this circuit to audio jack it will pulse very low since the input signal is low...... so one needs amplifier where one can connect.
So more pulsing more brightness of LED :P
Since am also in same boat i also want the same thing what you want to do pulse + continous ON so started searching a few days back.

If you have accomplished the same can you guide me too. !

And regarding the voltage spikes one can use POTentiometer and set the required resistance and caculate the requrd resistance using multimeter and DONE :P


9 years ago

if any one helps me figure this one out please make an instructible for it to help others or i might do it myself and credit every one here who contributed .