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need help identifying component Answered

I've got an old kenwood turntable, and it's having problems.

Its a linear drive arm style turntable, meaning the needle/stylus arm travels in a straight line instead of an arc.
The motor that drives this arm back and forth has a smallish flywheel type attachment (it looks like a fan blade, kinda).
This little flywheel/fanblade turns through a very small gate that looks like a miniature stonehenge. I think this part is faulty, because the motor spins just fine (albiet with no control) with the part removed. 
So it looks like some kind of photo sensor, and I need a new one. The part is about 3/8 of inch tall, with two bits on each side about 1/8" wide, with an 1/8" gap between. 
Unfortunately, my digital camera is broken, so I can't take a picture of it.

IF anyone knows what i'm talking about, some advice about where to find a replacement and what the part is called, I would be very, very happy. 


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Reply 11 years ago

awesome. i think you're right.

the only difference is that mine are housed inside a little black boxy thing. maybe if i took that part out, and put a LED on one side, and a sensor on the other?