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need help newbi Answered

ok guy's i need a little help, or to be pointed in the right direction,

backround: i want to buildd a retrofit kit for a existing automatic sandblast curtain..

reason: basically every monument company in the country own's an older automatic blast curtain, that is controlled by limit switches only, and the new ones are cnc and cost 50,000 ish, and the existing machines are screeming for a retrofit kit...

i own the "hirons model j" automatic curtain, it an x,y easy as pie thing,

my problem is that i can get the parts machined and the rig built, however the g-code is my problem, and i think it will be very easy for someone whom can do it, to do it..

all i need is the machine to make strait passes left to right and back while slowly progressing top to bottom and back, the nozzle will also have a "spindle" motor, that will make it make a circular pattern constantly for the duration of the job,

could anyone help with the g-code, ????    i can do all testing as i own the machine,


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