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need help with my 303 bolt Answered

i can oly get my bolt in half way than it just gets to tite




Best Answer 8 years ago

If its the bolt for an old Enfield rifle, I'll bet ya the bolt head is not screwed fully home in the front of the bolt or the wrong bolt head has been installed.


Answer 8 years ago

you where right i just took it in and a gun smith fix it


Answer 8 years ago

Definite +1 on the bolt head adjustment, especially after cleaning.


8 years ago

Clean? oiled? did it ever work correctly - had it been dropped or damaged.

A good look should show where it is binding - DON'T force it.


8 years ago

Hopefully it is something simple like not following the steps properly, ( I need to fiddle with my 303 bolt sometimes as I rarely use the rifle and I forget how to get it in and out sometimes).

I have my rifle here so I will run through the steps to remove and insert the bolt, hope it helps.

Lift the bolt handle. Pull the bolt back as far as it will go. Turn the front part of the bolt up (this is hard and it will click as it is locked into place). Draw the bolt out completely. The front part of the bolt should spin freely and will probably drop down when the bolt is free.

To insert.
Turn the front part of the bolt back up where it should be (in line with the rib on the top of the bolt body). Slide the bolt in as far as it will go. Turn the front part of the bolt down until it clicks. Slowly slide the bolt forward until it stops. With your right hand, use your middle finger to hold the trigger back and with your thumb, push the bolt handle forward until it stops.Then grab the handle and turn it down. That's it if everything goes according to plan.

During the insertion process, make sure the flat knob on the back of the bolt is vertical, (that's the bit you can pull back when the bolt is closed to cock the firing pin, and also sticks out a bit when the rifle is cocked), otherwise the bolt won't go all the way home. Also if you don't hold the trigger for the last part of the insertion, you will still be able to push the bolt home and close it, but it's a little tighter as you will be cocking it.

Now for a few other tips. Check that the safety lever is all the way forward (on the rear right side near your right thumb when holding in the firing position) as this in any other position will make bolt insertion very difficult or impossible by jamming against the side of it, especially if you have a tight spot. Also make sure you have lubed the bolt as it will be difficult to slide in otherwise.

Other than that, you haven't left any cleaning materials jammed in anywhere, or dropped the bolt on the ground leaving a burr on the end?

Sorry if I have stated the obvious, and it doesn't solve your problem, good luck.