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need help with xbuntu ? Answered

im thinking of installing Lightweight alternative (Xubuntu) on my pc what happens to my original running system and all my files and programs



Best Answer 10 years ago

Depends on how you install it. If you repartition your drive, or install Xubuntu on a second drive, then nothing will happen to your current OS and files. You'd be dual booting, which gives you the option to boot one or the other OS at startup.

For someone experimenting with different operating systems i'd very much recommend the dual boot approach. That way it's simpler to revert, or try another OS, if you find that you don't like your new alternative.
Check out this guide to dual booting with Windows and Linux here


10 years ago

it deletes it... if you go with the straight from disc install. there are ways of not losing data, but you will need to repartition the disc, and move stuff.


10 years ago

Or, you could just use Wubi. It lets you install Ubuntu inside Windows, like you would any other program. I believe Wubi is included on the Xubuntu Live CD, so you don't need any other programs.