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need instructions on how to build a earth oven Live in Tyrone Ontario and we have a lot of clay here? Answered



9 years ago

 My wife and I built an adobe oven, in which we made pizza, bread, and some full on dinners.  
after breaking dry clay, and slightly sifting it (to get big rocks out), we wet it and mixed it with some dry native grasses (you want long fibers, not like your lawn).  It should have be moist, but not dripping.  It was tiring work, mind you.   Using the loaf tin as your mould, make as many as you feel you need (I made about 25).  Once they are dry, you can mortar them with more of the same clay, and the shape of the loaf tin adobes will lend itself to a nice igloo shape.  Leave a door opening, obviously, and make a little door, out of the same adobe or wood, or whatever.  Ours took three weekends, because we had to wait for things to dry.  if you fire it up too soon, it can blow up (yeah really).  This may be a bit too general I know, but it is more than I had when I started.  That little mould was the perfect thing.   Good luck!


10 years ago

Do you mean a pit oven, going into the earth, or an over made from earth?

This is an answer to the first one:


Complete with salmon recipe, as well!

I live in Georgia, in the South East of the United States, and we have a lot of clay here, as well. I feel your pain. While it may take more time to dig your hole, it just means less loose soil falling back in.