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nerf grenade launcher? Answered

i wanted to make a nerf grenade launcher from my already gutted recon light. any help?


lil larry

8 years ago

You should like stick a PVC in the casing. Buy a spring (A spring that's exactly the same sixe as the PVC). Drill a thing through the PVC that will fit a pencil in. Make it so that it's a line going down the PVC and make sure that it is through the whole thing. Pull the light casing back all the way on the barrel. Make sure that the PVC will fit into the casing perfectly and glue it. Pull the case back and push the pencil throught the lining hole thing you drilled out. Make sure you put the spring in before the pencil. Pull the pencil back and let it go to luanch the object. No, I have not done this before, but I think it'll probably shoot about 10 feet. The NERF company should make a NERF grenade that is a device that is springs pointing outward with a plastic case around it and foam for safety. Then you stick the darts in and then you pulled a pin or something like that. And it will give you 3 seconds to throw it and it'll blast darts in all sorts of directions.


9 years ago

How about attaching some pictures of the grenades and the gun you want to mod into a grenade launcher!?


Answer 9 years ago

My camera's busted, but i was just going to use parts from my recon and some of the nerf balls. (i.e. buzzsaw )