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netbook virus? Answered

My daughter's netbook has an icon in the bottom-right that keeps wanting me to activate a malware protection program which I think is bogus. Every time I try to open anything it pops up and error message in the corner saying "file iexplore.exe is infected by W32/Blaster.worm please activate malware protection to protect your computer". It says this for anything I try to open. I tried running MSCONFIG to disable it but got the same message. I can't get any virus programs online b/c of this error. Any help would be greatly appreciated. (Got same error trying system restore as well).



Tool Using Animal

8 years ago

Go here, on a clean machine

DL rescue CD (for USB stick)
Follow instructions to create a bootable USB virus scanner.

Stick in netbook USB
Hit F2 to enter bios while netbook is booting
enable boot from USB (higher priority than boot from HDD)
save and exit BIOS.
USB will boot, follow instructions and clean computer.

thegeekeTool Using Animal

Reply 7 years ago

AVG just wants to sell you stuff. Use Knoppix for bootable virus removal, and comodo for your regular anti-virus program. They're both free, and do a better job.



7 years ago

Look into a version of Linux called Knoppix. It's free, and when you boot from it, you can run their free anti-virus program. It works great when all else fails.

After that, once you are up and running again, use comodo. It's free, and I think it works better than both McAfee and Norton. (It doesn't take much...) ;)

If you still need help, I would be happy to give you more advice. Feel free to contact me via my site:

Good luck! :)

Lithium Rain

8 years ago

Have you tried booting into safe mode and trying to run an antivirus scan? Failing that, you could take out the netbook's hard drive and scan it from another computer.