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no audio on new windows? Answered

i got all the files to fit so i put windows on it but i have no audio it has intergated audio but still no audio and i have tried a sound card but i couldnt find a driver for it any ideas


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Best Answer 10 years ago

Because there are SEVERAL things that can cause NO SOUND, you must check them all. Because just ONE of them can cause no sound. Then when you start changing the OTHER things... now you might have 2 or 3 things causing no sound !!! Be sure you check the easy simple things first. Your speakers are plugged in to power or have good batteries... your speakers are turned ON and volume is turned UP. Your speakers have been tested on ANOTHER computer and are working. Your speakers AUDIO WIRE is not DOG CHEWED !!! Your speakers audio CONNECTOR is plugged in and it is plugged in to the CORRECT jack. Now THAT is cleared as "OK" so move on to the SETTINGS of your desktop. Click your DESKTOP VOLUME icon if you have one (you should if software is installed).. and be sure the volume is up... not all the way down.... then be sure the "MUTE" box is UNCHECKED. Next go to your "START--CONTROL---SOUND SETTINGS" and be sure the driver matches what card you have installed. If I ever have a problem with THAT... i have only fixed it by re-installing the software for the card. I am sure there is a way to RESET it... but i am not that good on the computer. When you BOOT UP the computer... does it make the STARTUP WINDOWS sound???? if so, that tells you the speakers and all that section is OK... and it is probably a driver problem... such as the software is trying to use the wrong driver compared to what is actually installed for soundcard.