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nokia 800 - front screen significantly cracked - in full working order - can I use epoxy to mend screen ? Answered

My son's friend 'dropped' his phone. Being quoted upwards of £50 to fix. My husband is wondering whether an epoxy could be used to fill in the cracks - as all is working. It's just the shards on front of screen are at present dangerous - I can testify to that as we took off the cling film we had initially covered it in at the repair shop - put it back in my handbag - and I then ended up with small slivers of glass embedded in my thumb. Nice.

It's just such a shame. Was an old contract phone, given as a present to my son - and everything works !!

Epoxy seems so easy - but will it ruin the phone?



5 years ago

I don't have straight advice about the
epoxy, but I did a quick search and came up with controversial
information. I'll post it here, so you don't make a bad decision from
the lack of information.

It is possible to purchase the glass layer separately from ebay


BUT there is proof that it is not possible to actually replace it, because the digitizer just breaks

it up with other material can be problematic because the electrical
isolator properties of glass play a role in the functioning of the


and messing up these properties can have unpredictable effects. Well that's my just slightly informed opinion.
best bet seems to be putting back all the pieces that fell out and
covering it with screen protector, possibly adding some tape or glue to
the edges if it does not stay on easily.


Answer 5 years ago

+1 on the screen protector idea.

Epoxy could too easily mess up the phone's sensitivity to touch.


5 years ago

If it were me I would cover the screen with a wide length of clear tape to keep everything together.

I think the epoxy will mess up the screen.