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ny1 plays still those old bosch 8-bit video games even if u have mitashi then 2 u can answr my question Answered

 If u have been using those 8-bit  games can we run them on pc 
also can we do something more productive from electronics point of view


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11 years ago

I'm unfamiliar with the system in question but it sounds like you need an emulator.


Answer 11 years ago

i am talking about  8-bit video games about 10 -15 years back in india  so out of this country could be   20 years?

it's not about emulator but using the hardware components i have
a keyboard(very similar to PC layput)
8-bit game chips inserted into a slot in the keyboard like RAM
and 2 joysticks very similar to PS2 or X-BOx
an infrared gun

so can anyone tell me how to use these wid a PC