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old phone? Answered

today i was given a old phone. but its certainly a different phone, it has a cord, but the end on the cord is the same as one from a internet cord, but when i plug it in to a computer it has no effect.
i think it might be a 'bag phone', all i know is its made by motorola.

instead of trying to figure it out, i figured i would strip it down for parts, but other than the speakers, microphone, leds and a magnetic reed switch there isnt much.

one thing that really interests me is the lcd screen it has, there arent very many pins connecting it to the board, it has a microship embedded of the back of the lcd board, covered in that wierd glue. does anyone know how i can reuse the lcd? would i need an arduino for it?



Best Answer 8 years ago

Google the model # or part number and you should be able to find some info on it.
I have Goggled ancient computer parts and found a tremendous amount of information on them.


Answer 8 years ago

hey vyger, i unsoldered the screen, it seems to have been made by three-five systems, but otherwise i have been unable to find the screen on google.

it has a few numbers on it, directly under the epoxy covered chip, it says:

and then a little bit under that
5000197 REV B

there are 8 pins, counting 1 to 9, but t skips number 5.

there are several numbers on the metal of the screen, on the bottom, they say:
35-99 9000126-02

any ideas?


Answer 8 years ago

here is a discussion about it and a lot of links, who knows some of them might work.



Answer 8 years ago

alright then i will unsolder the screen and look it up, i also have a screen from a nokia phone that i should probably look for too...


8 years ago

About that "internet cord plug" thing, the modular connectors we now now as RJ-45 connectors are almost always used for data applications. (Just to note: they are technical called 8p8c connectors and RJ45 is actually the wiring scheme, as many people fail to notice.) This type of connector was actually first used for Voice applications, i.e., telephones.

About the screen, you **may** be able to use it with the aid of a micro-controller, but as Vyger said, look up the diagrams first. If there are any patent numbers, make sure to look those up too.