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open arts and design sailing school : in progress ... Answered

here is a dream ... i had a few week ago :
My dream just looked so real !!!! :

- I want to create stuff
- i want to travel
- i want to share (teach, learn)
- I want to be free, share this dream
- I want to make something usefull for myself and others
... I'm dreaming ...

I want to be inspired from what i prefer from the different places I have seen as a student and teacher :
institute without boundaries = The concept of the open arts and design sailing school, should be to solve global and local problem creatively. The institute without boundaries is a graduate school (all students are self-responsible and motivated) with the boat we can go where the design/ art solution is needed and exchange it with goods, money / services to survive promoting global well-being. At the moment they have decided to focus all the students attention in soving one problem : housing in develloping countries, now the energy of everyone is this direction, the school is based in Toronto, but the students travel the world study and find clever-cheap solutions adapted to different places.
ensci = the 24h//365days open school you can weld or hammer at anytime of the day and night, all the facilities are all accessible, the students are responsible.
wikiveristy : the on-line community everyone can join.
boat building school : the maker knowledge of ancients
gispy school = compact school solution in a truck
make zine = publicating, is very important, and it should be done daily, simple raw
navy boat = woaaah this boat is so amazing !!! Imagine sucha big ship, we can have everything in, metal wood plastic glass fibers music painting textile chemistry workshop !!!!
Open course ware = Super high quality training FOR FREE !!! School should be preparing for professional life, so teachers and students should undertake together briefs from the outside to make money for financing the boat and learn.
open source softwares = the open school should use 'only' open source software and promotes its usage and be independent.
cousteau = scientific and politicaly engaged ship mission
rainbow warrior = promoting ecological ideology and freedom and respect of diversity.
Royal College of Arts = aplace where students from different areas of study exchange and collaborate on diverse projects : if you join the project you come to learn and maybe you can teach something as well !
v2 lab = to be a place for people to pursue long term researches and experimental projects.
squid lab = instructables is run by a company, Squid Lab. Not like a charity they can also undertake projects to make money to run other activities such as instructables website and feed a community of enthousiasts users.
UDK Berlin wiki system = i was mucky enough to pop-in the UDK "
Experimental Media Design " class, i asked if i can sit and listen, ans what I saw amazed me : the students were doing a vast presentation on the subject "network", each group of student would focus on a particular angle of the subject, everyone collecting informations and uploading it on the class wiki (on-line collaborative website), making a huge and relevant knowledge base for the next step : creating artefacts !!! AMAZING people ! Students and teachers were equal, just collecting infos, the teachers was just here to order the datas and rovide support of experience when needed.

The boat itself should be made ecologicaly and collectively.
I'm sure funding can be found from goverments, private funders, environemental organisations, scientific missions, foundations, cities, councils, and the money made by the members of the projects while travelling, providing solutions.

So that's pretty much it, from what i know, but if you know any particulairity you think exellent, it has to be included in this project.

Isn't this exciting !!!!????
I have seen immense boats abandonned in Greece waiting to be repaired and re-used !!!!

Now, it's time to build the idea and see who's interested.
So many things must be done :

- defining what needs to be on-board, the functions ...
- how many users ...
- materials, place to build, legal, money ...
- the entire prject actually ... heheheh !! ...


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