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oxygen percentage in plants Answered

How much percentage of oxygen a plant produce in one day ?

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5 years ago

Kinda interesting idea...
Tell ya what, You didn't actually have anything about oxygen concentration of anything else in you instructable, but, I like the topic, so I'm gonna thread jack this.

The shortest answer i can give as to "how much oxygen a plant can produce in a 24 time period" is "it really depends".

There are entire books written about the metabolic pathways of plants. C4, C3, and CAM pathways all have different rates of respiration. There are generalizations that can be made, especially when talking about lower plants (communal algaes and such), but such generalization aren't usually good descriptions for higher plants.
This is generally important because higher plants are the driving force for many complex chemicals we rely on.

A major bit of on-going research is the amount of oxygen an active green algae culture can produce. People interested in space travel should pay keen attention to this. A green algae bio-filter could perform a variety of functions. Waste removal, water purification, radiation shielding, Carbon dioxide management, the list goes on; though to be fair, some of these properties are not entirely attributable to the algae. They grow best in water (both saline and fresh), and that has allot to do with their versatility.


5 years ago

Is that a question or what your project is trying to find out?

You would probably need a closed environment to measure the oxygen and control the variables such as plant species, factors affecting photosynthesis, etc... Good luck.


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It's a badly-worded advert for their instructable...