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I am making paracord bracelets and came across a article saying to shrink the cord first before making by putting in water and let it dry prior to making because if not it if gets wet after being made it will shrink. can anyone please tell me if they have done this or their theory.  



3 years ago

Come on people, paracord is made of nylon, and occasionally Dacron. The commercial paracord and the good quality paracord does not ever shrink. It always stretches. I make paracord objects (monkey fist keychains, hiking stick grips, Boy Scout slides, and such) and I always pretest my cord, leather, and rope. I also use cotton rope and I preshrink that. It shrinks a lot.


4 years ago

Real MIL-C-5040-H paracord will typically not shrink post-production because it has already been pre-shrunk at the factory as part of the specification. Since real paracord (450, 550, 750, etc) is made from nylon, and nylon is essentially plastic, heating it up at the factory allows any shrinkage to occur prior to being sold to the consumer (originally the military).

The "shrink before using" recommendation is primarily required for commercial paracord (the $9.95 stuff) when crafting. One of the reasons that commercial nylon paracord is cheaper is because all of the pre-processing steps, required by the MIL-5040-H specification, have been skipped.


7 years ago

The Paraocrd doesn't physically shrink in size or length. It gets out of shape. I experimented and found that it only gets bent out of shape and dries fast, but i do not advise it.

I don't do it on mine, and wouldn't do it on yours. However, if the projects requires shrinking the Paracord, do it. If you don't have to, I would highly advise not shrinking it.

That's my 2 cents worth.


8 years ago

real paracord will not shrink


8 years ago

Mil-spec/commercial 550 paracord doesn't shrink noticeably when wet, but other types of paracord have been known to shrink. 450 type paracord has loose fibrous polyester core strands instead of the twisted nylon strands found in 550 paracord. These fibrous core strands are what's actually shrinking, not the outer sheath, and as noted on the website, the black and kelly green cord can shrink up as much as 10% to 12%.


8 years ago

In my experience paracord only shrinks when and while wet. Then dries about the same length as before. A bit of stretching gets it back to normal size. Kinda like washing a pair of jeans.


Answer 8 years ago

+1. It doesn't shrink, it just gets a little out of shape, but it should dry ok. The bracelet won't shrink and choke your wrist. These answers sound familiar.