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parallel light bulbs? Answered

is there any way of connecting multiple fluorescent light bulbs *THIS* to 1 power plug....i'm a newb, so if this is pretty complicated, i'm gonna need some articles :) the reason i ask this is because i'm thinking about constructing a (full room) black light in it's own sweet casing. it would go around my whole room around the perimeter (around the upper edge, touching the ceiling) so ya...i have enough construction knowledge to build the casing and everything else, BUT i do not know hardly anything about electrical stuff...which is why i have you guys :) so ya...any help (or different solutions other than light bulbs) would be greatly appreciated. thanks :)


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Best Answer 11 years ago

Yes, it can be done. A socket will be needed for each bulb, and the sockets must be wired in parallel. Compact fluorescent bulbs draw very little current, so the wire would not have to be heavy; 14 gauge should easily be sufficient for up to forty or so 20-watt bulbs. Key to safety in such an installation: the 'hot' wire MUST be the one switched on and off by the socket switch. You may want to check out a 'basic wiring' book from the local library. Prfesser