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pattern for hat scarf & mitten? Answered

I am looking for a pattern that is a hat with a scarf wuth mittens on bottom of scarf......Birdi B



Best Answer 7 years ago

The easiest way to put mittens on the end of a scarf is just to fold over the ends of the scarf and sew in place.


7 years ago

Do you want the hat as part of the scarf too? Are you knitting, sewing or crocheting?

birdi bmole1

Answer 7 years ago

sorry, yes that was what I wanted and I will be sewing it. Thanx, Birdi

mole1birdi b

Answer 7 years ago

I suggest using a sweatshirt hood as a pattern for the hood (one center back-top seam). Add 1/2 of the scarf pattern to the lower front of the hood pattern. If you don't plan to use a drawstring on the hood, you should try pinning a scarf width piece of fabric to the front of the sweatshirt hood to see how high and at what angle the scarf piece has to be to make a snug fit. When you've figured that out, make your combined 1/2 hood scarf pattern. Cut 2 pieces right sides together. Sew the hood back-top seam. Polar fleece would be good for this.
I've never seen a scarf and mittens combined. For convenience and not losing mittens, the easiest solution is to make a cord (braid that matches the scarf?) that will reach from one wrist - up the sleeve, across the back and down the other sleeve to the other wrist plus about 6 inches. Sew or tie the mittens to the cord and thread them through the coat/jacket. Mittens can be removed and just dangle without being dropped or lost.