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peltier cooling/heating system for transportable animal incubator Answered

I am trying to design a heating system for an animal incubator that can be transported in a car to rescue animals and keep their body temperature level. I was thinking of using the peltier systems to heat the box the animals will be staying in but I'm not sure if they would have the capability of 70-90 degrees fahrenheit. Also the temperature needs to be very specific (plus or minus 1 degree) is there a thermometer out there that would work well for this? I just need some help on learning about these because I've done a little research but I'm still confused on how they work and if I could even use them. Also, is there a good website to buy these on? I could use a lot of little ones or one medium sized one (up to 1ft by 1ft) but not too tall.


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12 years ago

. Peltier units are usually rated in Delta T (delta is often written as a small triangle, but I can't figure out how to type one in) - ie, the temperature difference between the two sides. Since your ambient temp will be, say, 40-110oF, you don't need much of a Delta T.
. As you seemed to have already figured out, Peltiers will move heat in either direction; just reverse the polarity.
. You should be able to get +/- 1oF with just about any electronic controller. Industrial controller are pretty expensive, I'd try using an HVAC thermostat or building my own.