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plastic bottle hydrogen bomb ? Answered

alright what the image depicts is a plastic bottle with two holes in its cap for two wires. The holes are then caulked hot glued etc. to be waterproof. Then you open up the bottle and fill up with water almost to top [farther than in picture]. Then you hook up wires to a battery. What will happen when you do this?

A no more room for hydrogen bubbles bottle expands blows up
B hydrogen bubbles find a way out
C utter failure

I have been thinking this over if anyone out there is good at science outhere please help. Also if this does work it would be an awesome time bomb.

PS i couldn't figure out how to add notes i use firefox please help.



10 years ago

i have seen this its really cool!!!


12 years ago

It's taking a lot of time electrolize water, so the pressure in the plastic bottle will increase slowly and the bottle will just grow and grow until some hole will show up. When you want some explosion you need to make the bottle act like a ballon, that's happend when the pressure in the bottle increased quickly, like a similar chemical reaction, when you add aluminum to some cleaning fluid that has acid in.


12 years ago

I have a feeling that increased presure would just force the gases to dissolve in the water. If you've hot-glued the electrodes, I guess that's where they'll fail, and you'll get a jet of water. Try it, let us know what happens :-)


12 years ago

I think that Kiteman is right about the electrode seal failing before anything explody would happen.

Were you going to hook this up to house current? If you are, I'd be very careful, as a lot of the time House Current + Water = Darwin Award. I'd imagine you'd blow a couple of fuses, too.

I have seen a hydrogen bomb not unlike this, however. A 9-volt was hooked up to two carbon rods inside of a sealed plastic cube filled with water. Once an adequate amount of hydrogen and oxygen had been produced, a piezo-electric sparker from a lighter would pop the sucker. Nothing bad, just a pop and water everywhere :P


Reply 12 years ago

You can add notes to your pictures by simply clicking and dragging on them. (Try it, and you'll see what I mean).