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plastic bottle mold Answered

 iv been growing stuff in plastic bottle and i notice that i get mold growing inside 
has anyone else had this problem?


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Tool Using Animal
Tool Using Animal

10 years ago

Hey Joey, I assume you're doing some sort of bottle garden? Usually having a mold/fungus problem is due to too much water. So you could try leaving the top off to let it dry some.  If the mold is on the bottle of soil that should work, if it's on the plant, then you may be able to save it by trimming any affected leaves.

And, mold/fungus is not necessarily a problem, many (most) plants form symbiotic relationships with certain fungi. If you dig through leaf mold you can see the white mycelium of the fungi in the leaves, that's a good kind of fungus.

Having said that, the mold being a problem will depend on what you're growing, if it's cacti, it's a HUGE problem, PNW forest plants, not so much.


Reply 10 years ago

 well i filled up a whole plastic cup and that mold/fungis like ate the soil
and it went down