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please help Answered

hello,i need help with the site,i cant access my draft instructables or my collection,i am a noob to the site and i need help



Reply 2 years ago

Thanks,I have fixed the problem arleady though,it turned out to be a bug and i couldnt see the drafts and collections because i had just made the account,but thanks anyways!!!


2 years ago

1. Try a different browser.
2. Check your browser settings.
3. If still no luck wait for a reply from the code monkeys.

When you click on the YOU thingy next to the PUBLISH button on the top of the page you should see your Instructables, Drafts and all in the pull down menu.
A click will bring you to the destination.
If that does not work or nothing shows up I do suspect a bug, assuming you tried the above.
For me all is working fine here so at this stage I have to assume the problem to be on your end somewhere.