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please help me! record player question! need help setting up! Answered

ok i just got a record player,some records, and a pyle p999 phono preamp for christmas. the output is a red and white cord. is there any way to listen to it without getting a amplifier?



8 years ago

You will need amplification, red and white should be right & left audio. Try putting them into PC Line-in as uniqueutopia suggests.



8 years ago

You could also plug your output into your computer's line-in (actually pretty much any device with a line-in shouldn't damage your preamp) and so play it through your computer speakers... you will most likely require a mini 3.5mm stereo plug to dual RCA plug cable... but I think it would be worth it so that you could not only play through your computer but also record some of your old records with something like audacity.


8 years ago

Well, if you have a TV handy, you could just plug it into that. Find an input on the back, (INPUT 1, INPUT 2, etc.), and make sure it has an RCA connector. It looks like this:

http://images.xmfan.com/gpxreview/gpxh3.jpg (The red and white ones)

Plug the cables to their corresponding inputs, (red to red, etc.), and change the TV input to the input you chose earlier (This is done differently for all TVs.) The screen should be black, but the speakers should be playing!

You may need to get a longer cable: