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please help me with my old uk phonebox modification Answered

I have a old 1989 payphone bought at auction minus the keys I want to convert the old rotary tone dial to a pulse dial keypad and replace the coin slot to accept new coins and would like to do this without ruining the looks of the phone by having to drill out the locks and trying to find a lock of nearly the same style as they have been superseded by new better locks I purchased the coin slot and keypad from a bt approved company in the midlands but understandably both they and bt will not tell me how I can remove the coins once they are in the box incase I break into new boxes coin vaults even though the locks have changed and phone boxes these days are hardly used except for emergency calls.I am trying to put this phone into an oldie worldie village pub as a gimmick to draw in tourists to a dying pub/restaurant


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12 years ago

Well you could simply take a new phone, with pay mechanism, I'm sure they can be bought commercially and use the guts of that as a way to make it work, replacing the keypad piece with the dial piece from those retro rotary telephones you can buy now, try iwoot.com I think they have the rotary new dialers, just take that, add the payphone's faceplate and you're in business, the pay bit becomes more coomplicated as you have to somehow combine the dialer of the new rotary with the rest of a new commercial payphone. As for locks just hit a locksmiths, you can get alot of lock styles, even try B&Q or Homebase...