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please help with airsoft bbmg portability Answered

my little brother and his friend always beat me at airsoft not because they are actually better than me but because they have 2 echo 1 m16s and unlimited rounds while I have 2 spring pistols and 500 rounds not playing is not an option because my parents are the kind that always say (insert random phrase) will build character also, I have virtually no $$$$ which means getting a good airsoft gun is out of the question. well I am frankly tired of the slaughter and want to get them back (preferably with quarter sized welts) now I do have a bbmg made of pvc pipe but the only problem is that it is attached to an air compressor I am currently researching ways to make my bbmg portable and still leave welts I really need help with this one so please help me Instructable-wan-konobi you are literally my only hope.


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12 years ago

A SCUBA tank with an air whip attachment. You will also need a bailout harness to carry the tank on your back.