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please help with corrupt mp4 file? Answered

I'v been making a frame laps video of a book binding instructable, all except the last segment are fine.
during recording the last segment the recorder (frame laps pro app on Samsung s3mini) ran out of space on the memory card.
Iv tried downloading various pieces of freeware and trials that claim to be capable of fixing such videos, none of them worked for me.
 If anyone out there has got some working software that could recover what video is there, i would be most grateful.
iv attached the video file to the question.
if anybody could process it and upload it as a winning answer that would be awesome.

Then i would be able to complete the you-tube edit ,write up some concise steps publish the instructable with a video of it all happening at the end.
I'd like the instructable to be as complete as possible to make the blisters worth it.

thank you for reading this ,
yours sincerely George.



3 years ago

You can check here if the program can recue your file.
There are other programs too but if freeware does not work then I guess the only option is professional, and here it might be easier to re-do the project to get the video recorded again.


Answer 3 years ago

thanks, iv already tried that one, im hoping that somebody on here has some nifty software installed.