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please how can i make simple ir alarm that dial from mobile ? Answered


please i need to make a simple circuit  that contains ir on/off switch , that will dial pre saved nimber on the mobile , for ex. , i can connect the botton (1) of the key pad in the mobile on some relay , win the alarm on it will dial the saved number

simplly , the IR will be sender and recevier , when some one or something cross the red line " the IR reays " , the circuit will be just a ON /OFF switch to run a relay
the relay will connect the dial up on the mobile device key bad

can any one help me with that ? 

 Thank you all !


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11 years ago

Unfortunately what you're asking for isn't possible with a simple circuit.

However there may be a simpler way to get the same result.  Explain the problem and maybe some of the smart folks around here can come up with a solution.

What exactly are you trying to do?  Do you want to be notified wherever you are when someone (or something) passes a motion detector?  Do you want a record of when someone used an IR remote control?  Do you want to trigger a door lock, jack up someone's phone bill, or something completely different?


Answer 11 years ago

hi , thank you for your replay :)

i did some changes in my comment , please read it again , all i need is on/off IR switch :)

thank you !