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portable tv Answered

I really would like to try and make a portable tv I am wondering if it was possible I have a decent lcd screen out of a car gps but the only markings on it are vdd , avdd ,vgh ,vgl, pol,vcom, gnd and there are some contacts that say q1 ,q2 ,q3 r0, and c1 I was wondering if somebody could tell me how to connect it to a chip and if it would be possible to make a receiver out of an old VCR


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12 years ago

It's easy to make a receiver out of SOME old VCRs with well labeled tuners. These are easily connected to car video screens OR some portable DVD players... etc. Otherwise: If you can find your LCD part number, and it's pdf datasheet online, you may learn enough to be able to connect it to an SX28 or a Propeller chip. Either of which must be programmed in assembly language to drive the LCD.