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portable and light weight displays? Answered

I need some ideas to make a better portable displays for my pet collars i sell at craft fairs
The first displays I used spinning racks. I like they were light weight, but i had to unload and load racks every show
The second display are nice, but still have some problems. The collars still fall , even though i have them strapped down with elastic.
But they are very heavy. It was very hard for me to unpack and set up myself
any suggestions, or maybe a lighter material ?
Kathy Deacy-Moore



3 years ago

I once used the inexpensive sawhorse brackets and long 2x4s to make a display for craft fairs. It took two people about one minute to set up, and breaks down to five boards. With that or something similar to support knotted ropes, you could string your collars on carabiners (or metal clip type shower curtain 'hooks') and hang them between spacing knots on the ropes. End of the day - release the ropes and toss them with your stock into a box, bag or whatever.

I'm not sure how the public interface would work, but if you have a helper, that person could unclip individual collars for customers if they couldn't manage it themselves.

Josehf Murchison

3 years ago

Back when I was doing gun shows setup was always a pain.

Other than carbon fiber making things a little lighter as Downunder suggested.

You could try vacuum molded plastic cases which would be expensive unless you molded the plastic yourself.

Other than that, there isn't much you can do other than reduce your product.


3 years ago

For the rotating stands I would make use of kite shops ;)
Ok, you want details I get it....
Good and big kites use carbon fibre rods, which by nature are reall light weight.
You also get connectors for these rods in various angles and shapes.
For example those used on the outside of the wings to spread the kite.
If you slide them on a carbon rod and use a drop of super glue they will never move again.
The rods poking out can be just pushed in, especiall in the rubber type connectors.
To keep things and setup easy I would try the following:
Use an old stand and replace the cetral rod with a carbon one.
Add connectors where needed to place the product.
On the rods for the product add a disk or similar at both ends to prevent the things from sliding off during transport.
With a little slot or similar you can also put a rubber band over the rod and nothing will get off.
Setup should be as easy as getting the rods with the product out of your box and putting them into the connectors.
If space allows for it you also set it up like a xmas tree and put entire rings of rods into boxes.


3 years ago

Hi Kathy.

How heavy is "very heavy" ? I would suggest you put a piece of upholstery foam in the case when you close it up, so everythng is kept pressed into position.

It looks to me like a guitar case would have the right sort of proportions for your collars, and could be a lot lighter.