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potato mini gun get totally wet Answered

elo all:D i just made a mini spud gun thing ... it sparks everytime until i use my ari duster, then it get like wet like in there im using a  plastic pill holder thing and when its wet it wont spark, and air duster shouldent really get it wet.. help please:D is it cuz of the pill plastic glass?




8 years ago

i've never made a mini gun, but i have ALWAYS used hairspray because it has always worked the best for me, I would try a different fuel first. Also remember to only give is a small spary of hairspray. I've found that less is more! give it a try and let us know how it goes.

Kong markuscerberustugowar

Answer 8 years ago

thanks for the comment digital, but hairspray should destroy the igniter becuse it aint *gas* but i will try again i guess, but i think that they made it inflamable in my country,

i try and write again