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power pack for battery powered mp3? Answered

i am wondering if its easily possible to convert a mp3 that runs on AAA to mains via a power pack, which we all seem to have plenty of laying around. i realise that the AAA battery is 1.5v or there abouts while the closest spare power pack i have is 4.0v dc / 350mA will it work, or is it possible to further step down so it would be suitable ? via electonics - or do i need to find a powerpack that matchs a AAA battery voltage. i was going to wire this to the battery terminals ... or am i just looking for trouble? lol



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11 years ago

How many AAA batteries does it take? I'm guessing it takes at least 2 in series? It'll probably work, in that case. But unless you know what you're doing and spend a long time looking and probing, you won't know for sure. If you want to play it safe, you can add a silicon diode in series with your battery pack to drop the voltage by about 0.6-0.7V.