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power supply to arduino Answered

actually i am trying to make a web connected robot after seing it from instruct table.com the wiring skeem which is shown in it is :- they are powering the arduino with a 9 volt battery from the connector and running the servos with the 4AA batteries so i also done the same thing but when i done it then an error starts comming while uploading the programe on the board so i contact the manufacturer of the board so he told me that your chip has got fried and if you further want to protect your chip so set the jumper before providing external power supply
but on instruct table they directly have done all the wirings they does not have told of jumper and all.

as i am really new to arduino i does not know how should i set the jumper.so please help me out..........


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7 years ago

you need to either make a comment on the project you saw or pm the author who created the instructable.