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pricing model for 3D printed artifacts Answered

what would be the factors affecting the pricing of 3D printed artifacts obviously - material used, time taken to print, any post processing steps should be considered. Any other things pop in to your mind. Please let me know.


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Keller Robotics
Keller Robotics

6 years ago

Some other things that need to be factored in is material that could be wasted by a failed print. Not every print goes off without a hitch, and you should account for that by adding a little bit extra onto your price. Also the cost of maintenance of the printer(s) needs to be taken into account. Sooner or later, something on the printer will break, and it will need to be fixed, which may only cost a couple dollars, or it could cost a lot more. And some things that affect the material used and time taken are the amount of infill (very few printed items need to be printed 100% solid) the layer height (which affects the visual quality of the print) can also greatly affect how long the print takes.