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hey .i went into one of your instructables ..how to bezel.. tried to print and it only printed the same pages over and over.. and not the instruction pages but rather the comments of everyone else which i did not need..i cannot get my printer to stop printing these pages and it will not let me print anything else on my printer ,.i have pressed cancel print on my printer and it still tries to print..i have shut my printer all the way down and it still keeps printing your pages...HELP.................. i have used a whole bundle of paper not to mention all the ink... i need my printer for my work and it has affected my work day.. i am very upset..will never ever use your site again.. i hope this gets to you.. there is no contact number for me to call anyone.. but i need a call immediately.865 850 5453.. i have already emailed this same email to servicea@instructables as it told me to do so in your site but it came back as undeliverable.. ... call me asap... lora williams



8 years ago

servicea@instructables is incorrect, it's service@instructables.com - please don't get cross with the site because you mistyped something.

Try File>Print Preview for things you're not familiar with, esp. web-pages - note the preview page-count.

You will find that if you turn the printer-off and remove the paper it will not print. Did you keep filling it up with paper? Then you can take your time to cancel the job.



8 years ago

I'm very sorry you're having trouble, but we don't know how to use your printer so we may not be the best people to call. I'd suggest calling whoever manufactured your printer and asking them how to cancel a print job.

In the future, if you ever need to print off of a webpage, I would suggest saving the page as a pdf first (every OS should allow you to do that), and then printing the pdf. This allows you to delete all of the pages that you don't need. Webpages aren't really made to be print ready, so it's a nice habit to get into.

If there is anything else I can do for you, just reply to this comment and I'll see it.