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printing on contact paper Answered

I'm interested in making vinyl wall decals myself for my apt. I saw one instructable to cut the design on contact paper and stick it on the wall. But what if I have my own design (image) on my computer and wanted to print that on the contact paper. Can I do it using my inkjet printer or do I need any other special paper? Basically I wanted to print my design on any vinyl paper and transfer that onto the wall. Thank you...



8 years ago

I have printed on contact paper with my inkjet printer (an HP photosmart) and if the paper isn't flat enough it will get stuck. It takes a good while for the ink to dry over three days at the least. I would recommend letting the ink dry for a day or two, then covering the image with a spray acrylic such as Krylon. That way the ink doesn't smear.


10 years ago

I've seen an instructable here in which a print image on paper is stuck to the contact paper, moistured and the paper rubbed away (gently). Maybe that will work... look for "DEsign your own..." by Gomi Romi - step 1 of the instructable


10 years ago

Can't answer authoritatively, but if you can inkjet print to clear acetate, (transparency film) then you *should be able to inkjet print to contact paper. Of course, the paper will have to be cut to fit your printer, so you'll have to cut 8x11 or similar sheets out of the rolls and pre flatten them by laying them out and pressing them for a while (not sure how long that will take) to make sure that the feed mechanism won't bind.