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problems getting to the "edit" page for posting comments Answered

Related to the problem of multiple login requests: When I want to add a comment or reply to someone else's comment, I type it in, and when I click on "post" or "submit" or whatever, I am asked to login, with the comment that I will be transferred to the "edit" page before submitting my comment. So, I login, and then I get a totally blank page that says it is the "edit" page. Nothing else comes up, and my comment or reply or whatever is nowhere to be found. It's frustrating, to say the least.


The forums are retiring in 2021 and are now closed for new topics and comments.

10 years ago

Staff should get back to you on this during the week.  In the mean time, could you add (via comment, to reduce the redirection problems) which browser and version you're using, and what platform/OS?  That can help in isolating what might be causing your problem.