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project not in contest Answered

ok I entered the contest. received the email confirmation others have appeared on the page. But my project is no where to be found...

don't have much time here. If the project is not up to snuff then I should receive an email letting me know this so i can fix or replace it. please can someone find out what the issue is? 

and we still have now word on whom has won the laser contest. 




6 years ago

I assume the contest question was resolved, per this topic.
As with all contests, a real human moderates each entry for acceptance into whichever contest they are entered in. This sometimes takes a few days as there are usually a lot of projects to review. You should get an email notification once you submit a project, followed by another a few days later indicating acceptance or refusal into a contest. Until you get an email confirmation your project will not show up in a contest index.

You can see the status of all contests on the Contest Page, and in the details of the individual contest pages. The Hurricane Contest you mention is still being judged, that wraps up at midnight tonight. After judging we compile the judges ballots and contact the winners, then publish the results. This process takes some time, usually a week or so. 


6 years ago

The "received" email is automatic - you need to wait for an email from a human, which will either say "accepted" or "rejected".