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ps3 xbox led audio blinker Answered

can some one make me a schimatic/ instrictable  of a led blinker that blinks to the music or audio from eaither the tv or the ywr cable that comes with the ps3 or xbox   i can pay 3 dollers through pay pal if i can get a really good one


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8 years ago

All you need is an Opamp to build a clap circuit. Below are 2 links. One is to a great video showing you how to make a peak detector and how it all works. The following link is to the next video in the series where he adds a peak detector to the circuit allowing you to adjust how long the LED stays on when it detects a beat. I would have embedded the videos but the site seems to be having trouble with that right now.

You can easily replace the mic with an audio connector of your choice. Just make sure you are putting in the base line audio directly from the PS3 and not the output from an amplified speaker.