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published instructables not indexed? Answered


I posted an instruction long time ago. Here is the title and link.

How To Make Braided/Woven Headband Instructions (https://www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Make-BraidedWoven-Headband-Instructions/).

I log in and posted another instruction this week and noticed that the above article has only been viewed 286 times. I copy/paste the exact title to google but couldn't find it. Then I copy/paste the title in instructables.com, couldn't find it too.

Same thing happens to my new instructions posted this week: How To Make Mini Korker Hair Bow Instructions (https://www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Make-A-Full-Mini-Korker-Hair-Bow/)

Please advise.






8 years ago

The proper category and channel are very helpful. Your Korker Hair Bow was in the workshop category, which consists of cars, woodworking, metalworking, etc channels. People don't tend to go here to find fashion accessories. The other project you posted didn't have any category info.

I updated both of them to the Living category and the Fashion channel. I think you'll find the audience you're projects are more keen to in this area.

Other then that, if you have a really good project, and an admin thinks the pictures and directions are feature-worthy, or a blog picks it up and showcases it, then you'll start to see a lot more views.