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punk/goth style of clothes Answered

my style of dress is what you could call a combonation of punk and goth. i like doing things like making my own clothing and jewlery, by following inctructables of course, but there is not a lot that fits my style. if making clothes is something that you do well please make an inctructable on punk/goth clothing.



3 years ago

lf you are an aspiring designer, I submit this to you - clothes are clothes, the basic techniques used are pretty much the same. It's your personal variation or combination of those techniques that make it your fashion. You can learn a lot from stuff that is not your style. Adapt it to your own. Say someone knitted a nice holiday sweater. Since you know how it was constructed, just make one in black to which you could add epaulets, spikes, chains, slash pockets, zippers, mesh panels,etc. Just keep your eyes open. Good luck.


Reply 3 years ago

thank you, this helps me alot. i really an not that creative and would never have thought of this myself. thankyou