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push fit Plumbing Fittings Answered

Shark bite, proline, etc.   
They seem to work fine in places that have plenty of room... the sort of places that I'd have no trouble with a solder fitting.

But in locations that I almost have to work by braille, places so tight that getting a torch in is nearly impossible, the places that an $8 press fit elbow seems suited for,  in those locations, the press fittings  leak like seives!  Then the release tool wont release the fitting, and it is a huge headache to tear apart.

Do they leak if pushed in too far?  if slightly out of alignment?  and if one is in a location where precise alignment isnt gonna happen, Then what to do?


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5 years ago

Push-fits leak if they are bent at too great an angle or fitted too far off-centre because the sealing gaskets are not that flexible.

In a "Braille plumbing" situation (I'm stealing that phrase, by the way), I've ended up wrapping joints in lots of that thick plumbing tape that seals to itself ("self amalgamating tape").


Reply 5 years ago

I wonder that (presumably) push-fits don't leak if, years down the road, something tweaks the alignment.

You've had success with tape as a seal? I'm not sure if my fear is justified...