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push switch to live multiple devices using relays Answered

Hi all,
           Im at a bit of a loss when it comes to electronics, im ok with the simple stuff but im better with mechanical engineering.
Anyway if anyone can help me with my problem that would be great.

Im attempting to install a push button ignition in my car, but with a difference, I know you can buy these kits online but its more fun doing it yourself.

O.k so to my problem, as i said im attempting to install a push ignition, (so far all i have is the push to make momentary button)

I need the button to:

1) push and hold the button until the car starts then let go, but when i push it, it will need to live ignition 2 (2nd click on the key) then pause for lets say 2 seconds then live the starter, when i let go of the button the starter will stop (the car will be started) and the ignition 2 will still be live

2) push the button again and the ignition 2 wire will stop having 12v and stopping the engine.

I would also just like to do this with relays and not programming chips if possible.

I have found a useful link but I cant get my head round the process of it.

so in summary I would need the relays to:
1)1st button press - give me 1 live output then 2 seconds later a 2nd live output, then when released the 2nd live will go and the 1st live will remain until I push the button again
2) 2nd button press - the second live will go

thanks in advance


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8 years ago

You will need "some" kind of "other" componants besides just relays to execute the delay; perhaps a resistor/capacitor combo making a "switch" of sorts.


Reply 8 years ago

Thanks for the reply, i know i will need a capacitor in the circuit, the problem i have is how to put it all together.