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quadcopter with kk board and arduino? Answered

We are using a kk board 2.1.5 to control the  quad copter  and it works just fine.Well now we want to move a bit further and start making our own self stabilization algorithms based on slam algorithms .

I want the public's opinion on using both the KK board (to auto stabilize ,don't want to mess around the PID  )  and adding a arduino duo in between the KK board and the receiver .

So basically the idea is that the receiver signals are going to be altered using some mathematical functions to add features such as obstacle detection and avoidance  .
My friend was rasing some doubts regarding this  as the signal input and pwm output might not be in sync

Thanks in advance 


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5 years ago

Have you looked at multiwii? It is a bit of a steep learning curve, but not bad at all if you are familiar with arduino stuff. The software/firmware is VERY flexible, and is a good development platform for stuff.

The code used is really highly optimized, and works well. There are hardware 10 bit PWM outputs, but also some software 8 and 10 bit PWM outputs. You can mess with the config.h file, and output.ccp file and change whatever you want.

The multiwii does also some with tones of cool sensors, too! Like sonar, and GPS. I do have the GPS, but have yet to get it working really well.