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question about TIG fusion welding without filler? Answered


Does fusion welding of mild steel  with either acetylene or TIG result in the same metal structure; is all melting the same ?

Here is a rambling explanation of why I am asking.

I wanted to start acetylene welding again but have found that the gas prices here in the UK are even worse than I Imagined.

So, I thought to buy a TIG welder : I will be mostly welding 1.5mm mild steel sheet.

I used to enjoy fusion welding with acetylene and hardly ever used filler; does fusion with a TIG welder result in the same molecular/chemical structure as acetylene ?

The reason I ask is that, I looked at hundreds of online opinions about TIG fusion welding of mild steel and generally they all said not to do it as it will cause the surrounding metal to be brittle; but they were proper welders doing proper structural things; I am only doing scultpures and all of of my stuff from 20 years ago is still holding . . .  so if TIG melting is the same then I will go for it,




Best Answer 3 years ago

I think TIG weld quality is superior, because there's no oxygen in the mix


3 years ago

Fusion welding is not adding a filler metal.

Here is a neat comparison between TIG and fusion TIG.



Answer 3 years ago

Thanks for the video Icing. . . interesting.

I believe that stainless steel is totally fine for fusion because of the added alloys but that generally mild steel is not fusion welded because of structural issues.


Answer 3 years ago

Good thinking. I do TIG, and BTW get annoyed with myself over and over at the end of a weld when the plasma stops I subconsciously also move, too_soon, the hand holding the weld tool instead of letting the metal cool off under a post argon flow to keep oxygen from degrading a nice shiny weld :-/