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random motion gearbox Answered

i have been exploring wast of creating a random motion from a gearbox, i need this for a segment of a kinetic work i have been doing for some time now. random motion seems somewhat difficult to achieve so i came to the conclusion of using magnets! the gearbox i am working on at the moment works by orbiting one magnet around the other, the central magnet spins the output shaft while the orbiting magnet performs many rotations around the central magnet tugging it to different positions giving an almost random movement (patterns can be found). i was wondering if there were other maybe more effective methods of achieving random patterns of movement without the use of electronics.



10 years ago

A double pendulum creates a chaotic, so "almost completely random as far as we are concerned" motion. It's difficult to drive any large load through one, as that would introduce damping which reduces the chaotic motion, but equipping one with an angle sensor which then drives another transducer could work.


Reply 10 years ago

wow, thanks man. this is a really interesting concept. i would like to experiment with something like this, it looks like it will be pretty interesting trying to utilize its energy, but i'm sure something can be done.